Quba is attractive with its green nature, forests and mountain areas which is a part of range of Caucasus mountains. The city lies on the north-eastern slopes of Shahdag mountain, at an altitude of 600 metres above sea level.

Sakina-Khanym Mosque

Sakina-Khanum Mosque was built in 1854 by the widow of Abbasgulu Bakikhanov.  It was erected in memory of her deceased husband. The mosque was built from red bricks and is similar to faceted cylinder. Each facet has a window in the form of a semicircular arch. The top of the facade is surrounded by an original eaves made from small bricks. 
From top this stately building is crowned with a big white metal dome in the shape of a multi-faceted helmet. The top of the dome is decorated by a graceful thin spike.

Chuhur Hamam

Chuhur hamam is a bathhouse. The hamam is unique in its beehive shaped dome made of brick. 
The building of the bathhouse was built from the red brick. Its large dome enabled it to maintain the right temperature and humidity inside the house. 
The house has a quadrangular shape and it has 6 rooms, 2 doors and 6 windows. Water was supplied from the well under the bath or from the city waterpipes. 

Nizami Park

It is said that this ancient park, named after Nizami, was built by captured Germans in 1946. A monument to the Persian poet Nizami Ganjavi is erected in the park.There are bas-reliefs, depicting scenes from the works of Nizami around the monument along the avenues.This little park has a more natural vibe than most of the over-manicured equivalents in other towns. Old chaps in flat caps sip tea and slap dominoes beneath shady chestnut and plane trees.